Digital Futures

The NewNow believes we all have the responsibility and the power to ensure that we are digitally connected in ways that bring dignity, equality and justice for all. Keep up to date with all the news as our programmes develop.

Over more than 30 years the web has been built by the millions of people who use it. Access to the web is a pathway to quality education, healthcare, justice systems, work and connecting us to the issues and the people that we care about. We believe everyone should have access to the web, without dangers to our rights, privacy, or democracy. Read our report: A Web That’s Fit for Future Generations. 

The NewNow is part of a Core Group committed to creating a new Contract For The Web to ensure a free and open web for all people.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the Web, and the World Wide Web Foundation brought together a cross-sectorial group to build and shape a new Contract For The Web. This sets out the roles that governments, companies and citizens can each play to make sure the web remains free and open, and that together, we can overcome its challenges.

Over the past 30 years since the web was created, the world has changed in many beneficial ways for the 50% of people who have access to it. But more than half of the world’s people are not yet online, deepening inequality between and within societies. For those who are online, the web’s benefits come with risks to our democracy, privacy and even our mental health. The NewNow believes everyone should have access to the web and that the risks can be overcome if we all play our part. You can endorse the Contract For The Web here.

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